The Art Seminar Group is an educational, non-profit member organization dedicated to the study of the arts and art history. Its purpose is to foster and encourage the study and appreciation of the fine arts. There is a full program of lectures, seminars, visits to art exhibitions, and other events. Programs are held in clubs, museums, private homes, and other locations. In addition, trips are planned for foreign and domestic locations with emphasis on museums, architecture, and private collections as well as music, opera and theatre.

The group was founded in 1956 to learn about contemporary art movements. At first it was a small informal organization. In time, the focus of interest expanded to include a much wider range of art from the classical period onward and including the arts of Asia and other cultures. There is also an active component of the program devoted to music, dance, theatre, and film.

At present, The Art Seminar Group is a recognized, mature group of about 275 members which provides a platform for art scholars, museum curators and other experts. The requirements for membership are a demonstrated commitment to the arts and current membership in both The Baltimore Museum of Art and The Walters Art Museum.

Many of our members serve at museums as docents and assistants to curators. Among the members are museum trustees and several members who have made major contributions of works of art to museums.